Here’s the Roofers Ready difference:

1. Instead of attracting bargain-seekers by slashing your margins through discounting we help your potential customers realise that you’re a credible, reliable roofing specialist – and they’ll be safe in your hands. 

2. We don’t aim for lead quantity, we aggressively pursue lead quality. Our process strips out people who are ‘just looking’ to leave you with booked ‘ready-to-go’ appointments. Removing poor quality leads means you get fewer leads. But these are leads you can actually convert into sales. 

3. With smaller numbers of leads – but much higher quality – your conversion rates improve. You’re able to close more sales from fewer sales calls.

4. We want you to close many more deals. So we show you a structured sales process that helps you move with ease from roof inspection to a closed sale.

5. All your leads and sales activity is handled, tracked and recorded on our personalized CRM platform. Your personal login gives you as much – or as little – view as you want of what we’re doing for you.

Our solution is complete – and it works.

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No more junk Roofing Leads.

Deal directly – and exclusively – with roofing customers who are actively looking to buy a new roof.

Takes less than 2 minutes!

We’ll help you close that sale.

We don’t want to waste a single one of the roofing inspection appointments we’ve booked for you. 

These appointments are a genuine deal already half-made for you. But we want the roof inspection appointment to transform into a roof sale.

So, with some of America’s leading roofing companies, we’ve developed an intelligent sales process designed to take each high-grade appointment from roof inspection to closed deal. The process is simple for your team to do on the day. 

And it’s persuasive without being pushy. Instead of winging it during the inspection, follow our proven steps and see how much easier it is to close more deals.

Who we work for.

There are some criteria for working with us.

We work only with US-based roofing companies who supply the US residential market and who 

  • are currently turning over at least $1 million-plus in revenue per year
  • have an office set-up already in place that can process increased appointments and inspections
  • have production infrastructure in place to handle substantial new roofing orders

We require clients to be able to process new sales in good time so that our campaigns can run consistently for them – without having to ‘turn off’ campaigns while the roofing company tries to catch up with their orders. 

We preserve your exclusivity to leads in your operating area. So we will work with you provided we have no existing roofing client in your area.

Who exactly is Roofers Ready?

We are a specialist roofing growth partner that works only with residential roofing companies – and only in the USA. We do not work with any other industry or in any other country. 

We use digital marketing to locate and attract motivated, qualified ‘ready to buy’ roofing customers. We provide these leads to you as exclusive, booked roof inspection appointments – all in your company name. 

Our online marketing expertise means we consistently source new customers to provide a reliable flow of new sales to our clients. 

And because we’ve been doing this since 2019 we have the advertising technical skills to get our typical lead costs down to $20 – $30 each and appointment costs at $30 – $100.

Even better, the cost of a new, signed-up, paying customer from us averages in the range $100 – $350. That’s an all-time industry low rate for new roofing orders.

Qualification process takes less than 2 minutes!

We’re good at this – really good at this!

But it isn’t only us who think so…

We have dozens of verified reviews and testimonials from real American roofing company owners.

They confirm that the leads they get from us are unique, low-cost – and, because they’re actually roof inspection appointments, are much, much easier to convert into paying customers.

Roofers Ready customers agree that our appointments are:

  • cheaper to buy 
  • quicker to close and 
  • more reliable to supply

than anything they achieved via Google ads, website leads (eg Angies’ List, Home Advisor etc), radio spots – or any other kind of door-knocking, billboard or advertising activity. 

Those business owners have used our services to turn medium businesses into large businesses – and large businesses into top 100 USA roofing businesses. 

We’re experts at providing roofing companies with easy to close appointments because that’s all we do. We do not work for any other industry. 

If you are a roofing company owner in the USA we can do for you what we’ve done for them. And you’ll notice the difference from the very first few weeks.

To see if we can work together please watch this short qualification video:

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It’s the eternal problem for all $1 million, $5 million and $10 million-plus roofing companies.

How do I scale to new levels of revenue and profitability, when the leads I’m getting are:

1. Low-quality – often from people who are ‘just looking’ rather than “ready-to-buy”?

2. Not exclusive – other roofing companies are getting these same leads so we’re competing for the same customer?

3. Expensive – I’m paying between $100 and $200 for each one yet very few turn into appointments, let alone sales?

4. Not cost-effective – I have to pay staff to sift through what are mostly junk leads?

5. Slow, unreliable, inconsistent – simply not a flow of leads that I can rely on in the future?

In short, how do I pursue ambitious commercial goals when I can’t be sure I’ll have a reliable flow of new customers to get me there? 

Since 2019 Roofers Ready has been solving these exact problems for roofing companies.

We provide roofing companies with leads that are:

  • fully qualified – these people aren’t ‘just looking’, they’re ‘ready-to-buy’ and looking for someone to buy from
  • committed – each lead is actually an appointment for you to carry out a roof inspection on their property
  • very low cost – latest client testimonials are confirming qualified leads at $20-$30 each. That’s up to 80% below the industry average
  • exclusive – only you get them, they’re not shared with any other roofing companies
  • unique – the lead is for your area, was generated specifically for you using your logos, colors, and business name. It comes from a person who is looking to buy the exact services you’re selling
  • cheap to process – no junk leads means fewer working hours spent chasing and following up – so almost every sales call is a good call
  • quick and reliable – roofing customers are always there, we locate them and bring them to you

If you would like to work with us click here to see if you qualify. Takes less than 2 minutes.

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